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Wing Technology Has Become A Member Of ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
Aug 17, 2017

In 2017 , Wing technology has become a member of ISSA-The worldwide cleaning industry association.

ISSA founded by Alfred Richter in 1923. With more than 93years history, ISSA now has alliances with more than 75 local, regional, and national associations as well as industry, government, and other leading corporate and community entities around the world.


WE, THE MEMBERS OF ISSA, recognizing our obligation to serve the health of the people, and aware of our responsibility to our industry, herewith set forth the creed by which we endeavor to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities. 

1.We believe that cleaning supplies and services are so integrally related to public health and sanitation that we must keep these purposes foremost in our minds. 

2. We believe that public health and sanitation demands that only high-quality merchandise and services be offered to the public, and we pledge ourselves to this end and further pledge ourselves to render complete service with every sale we make. 

3. We believe that we must aid in educating the public in proper, efficient cleaning and sanitation methods, so that the public health may be maintained and improved. 

4. We believe continuing products and methods research will aid in bettering the level of public health and we, therefore, pledge our continued support of all scientific research pertinent to our industry, and we pledge further to keep alert in our search for new developments and to assist such developments whenever possible. 

5. We believe it is our duty to act in every instance in such a manner that we may command the respect of the public for our industry and the goals toward which we strive. 

6. We believe our industry to be a dignified one, entrusted with serving the interest of public health; therefore, we pledge that we should do our utmost to deserve this trust. We shall continue to apprise our employees of our ideals and policies and continue to educate them to know the true value of the merchandise and services we sell, mindful of the important role they play in serving the public's health and sanitation needs.