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Wing Technology Gain 3 Patents For Utility Models In July
Aug 03, 2018

Every time Wing holds a town-hall session,we will revisit our prospective mission “We Care People, We Lead The Trend”.


It is not just a saying in the meeting or slip over the mouth, we mean it and we do it.


If you come to our office, you will find our colleagues of development can’t help smiling from time to time. It’s all because they just received the certifications of three patents for utility models.


Hey guys, congratulations! We know it’s not a easy job and how hard and smart you were working on it.


“quick de-installation equipment”, “length of roller counting “, “improving toilet seat”, every single change means to improve the usability and durability of NAVISANI sanitary toilet seat. Since it is installed in public wash room, it has to be simple and steady enough.


Old Chinese saying “ a man can never reach the seaside unless he goes step by step”. It’s true.

Wing Technology is going towards it’s mission in the right way.