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Wing Tech Deploys Intellectual Property Protection Standard
Jul 05, 2018



Starting from the beginning of year 2018, Wing Technology has strengthened the inner process management. As one of the actions, we started the project of compliance of intellectual property management standard.


“Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard” is the national standard(GB/T29490-2013) deployed since year 2013.

Standard compliance means the standard Intellectual Property Management process been set up inside the company and certified by the third-party certification body. 


Through a half year training, process deployment, we are now applying for the certification. 

Standard compliance would help:

1. Improve the sense of intellectual property throughout whole company. Encourage every employee to be more creative and more sensitive in intellectual property protection.

2. Make the intellectual property management in a systematically way.

3. Improve the ability to deal with the problems related to intellectual property during doing business, such as recognize violation intellectual property, prevent from secret information leakage, protect intellectual property etc.


Since Wing Technology takes the position as “leading the reformation of public sanitary ware”, we keep on the product development and soft force build up.

NAVISANI trademark has been registered in global worldwide. Wing Technology holds more than 30 patents as well as several software copyrights.

Wing Technology has been highly specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing the innovative "Disposable Hygienic Intelligent Toilet Seat Cover" for more than ten years, which can solve the public sanitary problems creatively and thoroughly. 

We believe that Wing Technology will benefit a lot from the compliance of intellectual property management standard, and become the leader in public sanitation industry one day!