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Wing Technology Attended 2013, 18th Shanghai KBS Fair
Jun 12, 2013

The 18th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 28th to May 31st, 2013. As the largest and most influential International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition after the Frankfurt Show and Milan Show, Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition has won a high reputation of Oscar of Kitchen & Bath. In domestic kitchen & bath industry, Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Exhibition is a decisive position. It is not only like a wind indicator and a weatherglass, but also the bridge that connects home and abroad business of China Kitchen & Bath products, the first-choice professional platform for international buyers. And Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd was honored to be invited again as an exhibitor.

The booth of Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd is at D87, Hall N5. This time Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd, inheriting previous decorating style, puts more work into expanding booth area, way of displaying our products, lighting design, etc. As the leader in industry of Intelligent Sanitary Toilet Seat and the supplier of Shanghai World Expo in 2010, Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd is always persisting in his brand construction of Navisani while promoting development of industry. Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd advocates that public health equipments should be the Visible Sanitation and more humanized care. Together with Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd’s innovation spirit, the corporate culture of More Care, More Touch can be seen at various shows. Even with the halo of leader in industry and creator of many initiate techniques, Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd never satisfies and will keep moving on innovation and improvement. In this exhibition, Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd shows not only those products in leading position, but also new patent ones like Sanitary Toilet Seat controlled by recreational voice and type with big roll of sanitary film inside. Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd’s exclusive and humorous FLASH named Xiangyu’s Regret expresses history will be changed by WING Intelligent Sanitary Toilet Seat. Lots of merchants were attracted and smiled when the FLASH was playing.

While celebrating the complete success of Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd in Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Exhibition, we need to express the special thank to all the business partners from home and abroad and thank the strong support from Shanghai Partners throughout the exhibition. Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd need all of you in the future. Thank you all for approving and interest in our products. Wish our happy co-operation and brilliant future. Xiamen WING Technology Co., Ltd will adhere to innovation, research and develop more humanized products to improve public health infrastructure and people’s life quality.


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