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The Price Of Construction Material Is Increasing
Jun 28, 2018

In recent days, Taiwan Global Union Enterprise has announced their pricing increasing plan starting from the second quarter. It is due to the increasing price of raw material such as copper, nickel, paper, etc, which causes the cost of manufacturing going high. The gross profit rate dropped to 25.63% in first quarter and the number was 29.28% in last year respectively. Adds on the fact that RMB/USD exchange rate goes high, the net profit rate drops respectively. Base on such situation, Taiwan Global Union makes the decision.



 5-10% material price increasing will cascade 1-3% cost increasing of construction product

Except for Taiwan Global Union, another faucet parts manufacturer announced the price increasing too. The increasing is also due to the raw material price keeps going high. The price adjustment has started from the end of last year.


● Raw material, manpower and transporting cost keeps going high recently

In recent few months, the price of raw material of paper, copper, nickel keeps going high. The increasing cost of manpower and transportation emphasizes the pressure of manufacture operation.


Pricing increasing will be soon in a lot construction area

Starting from the beginning of the year, the price increasing has been noticed. It is anticipated that most of construction products will be affected — wood floor around 3-5%, ceiling 1-3%, door and window 5-10%, faucet and toilet 1-3%. 


 We will NOT increase the price

Xiamen Wing Technology is also under high pressure of material price increasing. For example, price of packing paper have increased 25% since Year 2017. However we decide not to pass the pressure to our business partners and clients. While keeping high quality and service standard, we will refine the production process and transportation process to save some cost.

As a leading company in public sanitary area, Wing Technology holds the believe that“professional ensures the quality, quality makes brand”. As always, we keep our commitment to public health and will try our best to improve ourselves in efficiency and effectiveness. We aim at being the expert and reformer in public sanitation, and providing the best sanitary intelligent toilet seat cover for all public.