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Aug 10, 2018

A good news! Wing Technology has just signed the contract with Hangzhou international airport, NAVISANI sanitary toilet seats have been installed in international arriving / departure terminal.


It is always more exciting to install our toilet seat in airport than in other places such as office building or hospital, because it means more people will see and use our automatic sanitary toilet seats. 

Hangzhou international airport is the 10th biggest airport of China. Since NAVISANI sanitary toilet seats will be installed in international arriving / departure terminal of Hangzhou airport, our export sales team feels very happy. They anticipate more inquires and contacts in near future from those overseas business travelers. 

Due to health and sanitation concern, people are hesitated to sit directly on public toilet seat. In USA, they use pull-and-pad toilet paper. In Europe and some other countries they use clean liquid or wipes. In China, more and more public toilets adopt our NAVISANI hygienic disposable toilet seat. Just by pressing the button, the fresh film will wrap the seat ring to make sure the sanitation. Comparing to other method, it requires less effort but provides more satisfaction. 

We are very proud of our NAVISANI sanitary disposable toilet seat and we believe it will bring more and more people health and satisfaction.


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