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Fall Hurt After Going To Bathroom In Midnight The Noctilucent Toilet Was Invented
Jun 18, 2015

People often go to bathroom in midnight under blurred state. At this time, they tend to sneak into bathroom without turning on the light. If so, it is easy to get hurt by accident. But with the assistance of noctilucent toilet, it may reduce such accidents. It is said that such noctilucent toilet will not shine until evening .The light can last a whole night and only toilet cover will shine. But it looks like common toilet in the daytime. It was invented by Dave Reynolds who fell hurt after going to bathroom in midnight. Now, he and his friend set up a company selling this new toilet. The noctilucent toilet can be a guide for the old and children when go to bathroom in midnight. It can effectively prevent from falling hurt. The price for this toilet is 49.99USD (310RMB)