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Disposable Toilet Paper Or Auto-Replacement Film Toilet Seat ?
Jun 20, 2016

No matter how clean the public toilet bowl looks like, people still dare not sit on it, some one will use paper to cover it or use water to clean it, even squat on the seat. Even so, it may not effectively work well and you may still be worried about the cross infection. What’more, Squatting will damage the surface of toilet bowl, and also reduce toilet bowl’s service life, even people will fall and injury, cause economic dissensions to public places.


There are two main choices to solve the public sanitary problem nowadays: Disposable toilet paper and auto - replacement film toilet seat(Wing sanitary toilet seat). Someone thinks the disposable toilet paper is much cheaper than auto - replacement film toilet seat, is this right? Let's find out the answer in the following message.

一. Disadvantage of Disposable Toilet Paper

1. Increase the cleaner's workload and cost

2. Over-use toilet paper, cause great waste of paper, even pipe jam

3. The paper maybe move when using,couldn’t thorough avoid direct contact

4. Couldn't keep the toilet seat clean completely, still have some invisible contaminants 

二. Advantage of Auto-Replacement Film Toilet Seat

1. Eliminate bacterial infections

2. Guarantee optimum hygiene conditions

3. One time film wrap brings visible clean and healthy

4. Reduce the cost, like the over-use of toilet paper and water

5. Improve company reputation by showing care to customers

6. Fit for more than 95% of toilet bowl, the installation scope is adjustable


Obviously, Wing sanitary toilet seat is much better than disposable toilet paper, long time benefit from one time investment. A visible clean and healthy of Wing sanitary toilet seat.