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Details Regarding Wing Sanitary Toilet Seat
Jul 28, 2016

Wing sanitary toilet seat,can fit with more than 95% of toilet in the market.The intelligent seat is ideal for every public or commercial areas, especially for restaurants, hotels, clubhouse, casinos, beauty salons, offices, shopping malls, airports, exhibition fairs, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.



1. Button or Sensor starting, auto - replacement of sanitary film, ensure one time use, a visible clean toilet seat

2.Stainless steel button; stand destroying; exceed 200,000 use times

3.Slow close cover: Toilet cover with damper can close slowly, can be used for more than 50,000 times

4.Overload warning: The motor will stop working when the changing film encounters unusual resistance force

5.Restarting intervals: The motor will stop for 6 seconds before restarting to avoid waste.

6.When no loading; counter wheel fault; or the film roller is not installed in place, the LED light will be on all the time

7.When the rechargeable battery is in low position, the LED light indicator will flash and the motor will stop working or turn slowly

8.Power supply: Rechargeable battery or adapter

9.Somatological fit; fully comfortable; 67mm in width 



1.Eliminate bacterial infections

2.Guarantee optimum hygiene conditions

3.One time film wrap brings visible clean and healthy

4.Reduce the cost, like the over-use of toilet paper and water

5.Improve company reputation by showing care to customers


三.Diversification of models 

Basic style seat, Sensor staring seat, Coin-operate Seat, Hygienic Seat with Audio, Heated Seat