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CCTV Reports Wing Sanitary Toilet Seat
Aug 26, 2015

Documentaries “Crazy toilet” was broadcast by CCTV 9 on August 8th, 2015, it’s great honor that Wing sanitary toilet seat has been shown in the news.


With the development of the times, people have higher demand to life quality and pay more attention to hygiene and health condition, how to solve the sanitary problem has become a publice problem in the world.

Wing Technology devote himself to solving the sanitary problem, our patented NAVISANI Toilet Seat Cover is automatically controlled by a microcomputer inside. The sanitary film will stop after turning exactly one round. The used film will be destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use.

There are more than 30 patents in our products, exported to over 50 countries, including Europ, America, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc. The domestic partners also covered the major cities in China.

Wing technology remains good faith in keeping responsible and sincere while at the same time providing efficient and professional service, to become an innovative expert & bench - marking in public sanitary industry.