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Why use the sanitary film roll?
Dec 18, 2018
Sanitary Disposable Toilet Film Wrap Paper Cover.jpgThe operation of the sanitary film roll is simple and quick. The switch is automatically pressed before use, and the sanitary film roll is automatically switched. The used membrane is automatically destroyed at the same time, which is quick and easy.

A layer of hygienic film will make people feel at ease: clean and soft hygienic film completely separates the skin from the cushion, visible hygiene, private bathroom enjoyment, home feel.

Reduce costs, save energy and reduce emissions. Using a paper towel pad toilet, or use water to clean are in high cost. And the effect is not ideal, may also block the channel. After using the sanitary film roll, all the problems can be solved, saving money, effort and worry.

Protecting the environment and re-engineering: The used sanitary film roll can be recycled and reused in industry and agriculture. It will not cause environmental pollution or waste resources, and fully comply with the green fashion trend.

Contact the sanitary film roll on the seat ring, just press the button on the toilet lid or reach out to the hand to realize the automatic replacement of the toilet seat sanitary film roll, visible hygiene, let the toilet have a role, the most important thing is to prevent possible Cross-infection makes people feel at ease.

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