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Why use electric hygienic disposable toilet seat cover?
Jul 24, 2018

All the time, in the field of tourism in China, toilets are dirty, disorderly, poor, few and partial, which are the most strongly reflected problems of the people and tourists, and the weakest link in the social public service system and tourism process. Public toilets often face a situation: women's toilets are crowded, men's toilets are empty; there are few doors in front of the toilet and a long queue in front of the squat toilet. In the aspect of staying in a hotel, the guests' basic needs of "comfort as toilet" have not been paid attention to and have not been satisfied. The toilet has not only not been used for "sitting", but has become the trouble and safety hazard of the guests. Today, these problems have improved with the advent of "tidal toilets" and "sensor disposable toilet seat covers".


The appearance of "hygiene smart toilet seat covers" has realized one time automatic replacement of toilet seat cover film, and solved the problem of toilet seat sanitation not being able to look directly at, not being able to sit down. It is popular in large public places and business places, and has improved the situation that people avoid toilets far away.


This is a "toilet revolution" to change public toilets. Since the national tourism administration launched the national tourism toilet construction and management initiative in early 2015, public toilets across the country have changed more or less. For example, the layout of more new public toilets, the addition of intelligent toilets and sensor hygienic toilet seat cover and other equipment in the toilets, as well as the addition of facilities for the convenience of the people, the application of new environmental technologies, the introduction of a variety of innovative appearance of special toilets.


By the end of october 2017, 68,000 new toilets had been rebuilt across the country, exceeding the three-year action plan target of 19.3%. More than 20 billion yuan of supporting funds were allocated to local governments. The toilet demand of 4.4 billion Chinese and foreign tourists has been basically met. Recently, the "new three-year action plan" of the national tourism administration has clearly proposed to build another 64,000 tourist toilets from 2018 to 2020, realizing the new three-year goal of the toilet revolution: "sufficient number, reasonable distribution, effective management, effective service, environmental protection, sanitation and toilet civilization".

Electric Hygienic Disposable Toilet Seat Cover for Public Restroom Sanitation

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