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Why use bidet instead of toilet paper
Jan 05, 2018

Most people have used toilet paper their whole lives, if you know the bidet advantages, you may be surprised at how much it has to offer for users.


Bidet provide better clean and hygiene for people. NAVISANI non-electric bidet is not only provide better clean and hygiene for people, it's also completely safe in use for everyone.

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Environmental protection, bidets require the use of significantly less toilet paper, which is certainly a good thing for the planet. A bidet also helps users save money. When calculating toilet paper use for the average family, the bidet will save more money.

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NAVISANI non-electric bidet advantages:  

• No battery needed.

• Double self clean nozzle.

• Water temperature control knob: warm and cold water at choice.

• Spray water by adjusting the nozzle base, suitable for cleansing body for both male and female.

• Safe and reliable, especially for women and children.

• Physical therapy and prevention diseases from hemorrhoids or Anus inflammation.

• Adjustable installation scope, it can be fitted to more than 95% toilet bowl in the market.

• No need to change the facilities, just need to add NAVISANI bidet to your original toilet seat,and connect it to the water supply in bathroom.


Additionally, it is the advantageous option for anyone no matter their age since the bidet is so much more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Seniors can benefit from the use of the bidet and so too could anyone else.

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