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What’s the role of hygiene smart toilet seat cover?
Dec 03, 2018
Automatic Hygienic Toilet Seat Covers.jpgMore than 40% of people in China suffer from anal diseases, a phenomenon that it cannot be found in advanced countries where the use of flushers is widespread. Clinical trials have shown that the incidence of female uterine cancer is also reduced as the use of hygiene smart toilet seat covers increases. Men and women over the age of 40 are prone to various sexually transmitted diseases and gynecological diseases are related to unclean living habits.

There is also a smart toilet electric seat which is a hygiene smart toilet seat cover with automatic replacement disposable sanitary napkin film. The sanitary coil cover is disposable, and is a sanitary film conforming to the food packaging inspection standard. The intelligent toilet cover is controlled by a built-in microcomputer. Automatically replace the sanitary film, the used film is cut and destroyed during recycling, and it is clearly distinguished from the unused sanitary film. It can not be reused, and the possibility of cross-contagion is eliminated. Its function is tangible and hygienic. It is visible, this is the characteristics of the hygiene smart toilet seat cover, and it is also the function that ordinary toilet seat can not achieve.

The physical resistance of the elderly is relatively weak, while the hygiene smart toilet seat cover has a key automatic operation function. Warm water cleaning, warm air drying and automatic flushing automatically run. The powerful function is that people who are inconvenient are not worried about toilet problems, and maintaining a good and clean body is good for your health. In particular, patients with stroke, high blood pressure, and obesity can solve various problems without any other help.

Children have a fear of the faint pain when they are cold and toilet paper wipes. Therefore, they often go to the toilet in time, and they can endure it for a long time, forming a habitual constipation for children. The hygiene smart toilet seat covers can completely solve such problems, so that children are happy to go to the toilet in time.

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