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What is toilet seat plastic film rolls?
Jun 29, 2018

The invention of the toilet is a revolution in the way that human beings use the toilet. With more and more humanized public places, more and more places have to install the toilet. In the public place, because passenger flow is big, or some people quality is not high, uncivilized like toilet, and sweep toilet not thorough, be criticized by a lot of people! Such, bring convenient toilet to the person, on the contrary not convenient, most toilet became decoration!


So we can see that two things: one, a lot of people use the toilet in a public place, had to take a lot of toilet paper to pad to use the toilet, not only caused great waste, but also increase the workload of procter & gamble (a lot of people convenient, that was carried to cleaning to pick up the pieces, if cleaning failed to timely cleaning, toilet situation was a mess); Second, what's more, some people squatting on the toilet, such as the toilet, will not only affect the service life of the toilet, but also be more likely to crouch and step on the toilet.

Advantage of toilet seat protector

According to statistics, each year because of using the toilet and the skin disease, venereal infections and poor fall at around 3 million, based on the risk of such considerations, was born smart and automatic toilet seat, was introduced, and got a lot of users at home and abroad customers. After we use the toilet seat covers, once press the button or put hand before the sensor, the sanitary wrap will stop after turning exactly one round, and the toilet paper cover will be destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use. disposable toilet seat covers is completely solves the public place toilet seat sanitary situation, has really achieved, visible! It is widely used in public places such as high-end shopping malls and office buildings.

Toilet Seat Plastic Film Rolls

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