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What is the origin of the smart hygiene toilet seat?
Dec 24, 2018
Automatic Smart Sanitary Toilet Seat Electric NS201C.jpgThe most convenient thing about the smart hygiene toilet seat is that it can be operated through the button panel. It is also equipped with a remote control device to realize these functions. When the consumer is using smart hygiene toilet seat, all the functions can be easily realized by simply pressing the remote control with a single touch.

The smart hygiene toilet seat was originally used for medical and geriatric care. The cleansing function can effectively reduce the anal diseases of all people and the bacterial infection of the lower part of the female, greatly reducing the prevalence of gynecological diseases and anorectal diseases. Massage function different intensity of water potential repeatedly acts on the cleansing site, promotes blood circulation, prevents related diseases, especially for constipation patients, smart hygiene toilet seat has the effect of promoting laxative.

Most of the smart hygiene toilet seats have been added with antibacterial design, that is, nano silver antibacterial materials are used in the seat ring, bacteria can not survive, and cross infection is avoided. Traditional toilets are often connected to water tanks. If they are not used for a long time, they will cause bacteria to breed and endanger family health. At present, the smart hygiene toilet seat designed with the waterless tank allows the tap water to be directly supplied to the private washing and flushing system to avoid the situation of water pollution caused by long-term non-use, so that the water can be maintained in high quality water when washed and flushed.

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