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What Is More Hygienic To Use After Pooping – Toilet Paper Or A Bidet Spray?
May 12, 2017

Most of us shy away from talking about our toilet habits and what how they choose to clean themselves up after passing stools. However, the fact is that everyone poops and despite that, we’re not aware about what is the most hygienic and efficient way to keep ourselves clean down there and ensure that there’s no faecal matter stuck to our rear ends after successfully evacuating our bowels.

Every Indian toilet will either have a jet spray or what is more commonly known as a handheld bidet spray. If not that, there will at least be a bucket and mug of water to clean up after pooping. Indians who travel abroad often face problems having to use toilet paper instead of water. This is the 25 questions hygiene challenge every Indian will fail. While in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, people exclusively use toilet paper to clean up, Indians are more comfortable with using water.

So, we couldn’t help but wonder what is the most hygienic way to keep our rear ends clean after pooping?  To get answers, we spoke to Mumbai-based gastroenterologist, Dr Tariq Patel from Wockhardt hospital about which option is better, using a jet spray or toilet paper. He answered our question by saying, both!

‘A jet spray is the best way to clean yourself after passing stools. By using water, you are ensuring that there is no residual faecal matter and by using a jet spray, you need not directly touch that area. Using only toilet paper doesn’t ensure that the anal area will be adequately clean. However,  I advise my patients to also keep toilet paper handy because after using the jet spray, you can gently pat the area dry,’ says Dr Patel. These are the essential hygiene products most Indians don’t use.

The other con of only using toilet paper is that for patients suffering from piles or anal fissures, the friction caused by rubbing can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. So the next time you’re going to answer nature’s call, make sure to invest in a jet spray and toilet paper. If you want to go eco-friendly, keep a towel just for wiping your butt dry once you’re done.

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