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What causes rust in the toilet bowl? What causes the toilet bowl stains?
May 12, 2017

 What causes rust in the toilet bowl? What causes the toilet bowl stains?


Sometimes you will find your wc toilets bowl has poop stick on, which is because the wc bowls contain too much oil inside. The oil from stool is evident, because it floats in the water. If that, you need to pay more attention to your body health, because problem as chronic pancreatitis might lead to this!


Sometimes your bowls might have blotch inside, which is cause by the mineral deposits in hard water. When the pipe is leaking, the rust can take place also! But sometimes you can’t notice it.


To some extent, the appearance of restroom shows your guest how your life is. The stain will let them think you are lazy and forget to clean to bathroom bowls.


Please remember that most cleaners used in bathroom are harsh and abrasive. Don’t use the cleaning wipes, which can contain bleach, aerosols, vinegar, essential oils, or the stain may occur. Most importantly, keep the seat away from the splashing cleaner, or it will be worse!


Wanna make your guest more impressed by your bathroom? Try our hygienic disposable toilet seat cover, which has a sanitary film on the seat, and every time before your use, just need to press the button, then the film will turn exactly one round, then you can enjoy the clean safe seat directly!!  Try the Intelligent Toilet Covers Hygiene WC Toilet Seat Disposable Paper Covers NS221B



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