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How To Remove Tough Toilet Stains From The Bowl?
May 12, 2017

How to remove tough toilet stains from the bowl?

Everyone loves clean lavatory seats. But in reality, for some people it is very hard due to their laziness or forgetfulness to clean their bathroom regularly. Therefore, stains in toilet bowl are not a pretty sight – particularly for your visitors. They will find it uncomfortable to use. Worse, they will judge you according to your restroom. You may not be aware of the different germs or bacteria abound in your toilet seats which can cause sickness. Why not consider buying you and your family a totally Hygienic Disposable Toilet Paper Covers Self Cleaning Toilet Seats NS200B? Or at least you should know how to keep your personal toilet seat covers clean and hygienic.



● Make a vinegar solution – half water and half vinegar. If there is too much water stains on the toilet u can increase the content.

● Spray the vinegar solution on the bowl. You can spray more on the high affected areas, a dry cloth is necessary for better absorption.

● Start and repeat washing until you are satisfied with the result.


● Prepare one quarter cup of borax and spray it into the bowl.

● Spare the powder in all areas of the bowl using a brush. This process will effectively help to remove the stains, as well as odor and bacteria.

Lemon Juice

● Cut lemon into half. Cover the affected areas with lemon juice. Stains should come off easily.

● If there are still some stubborn dirt, u can use a cloth to wipe with lemon juice on.

● If this process does not work, it is time to combine lemon juice with a laundry booster.

Soda Pop

● Pour your seat with a bottle of soda, particularly around the rim to make sure that the liquid reaches the whole interior.

● Leave it for one hour.

● Scrub it then flush.


Or if you are still unwilling to clean your toilet seat, you can refer to some hygienic products like replacement toilet seats, you may see this product in some public toilet seats in the airports. It can automatically change the disposable toilet seat with a simple press on the button or wave your hand before the sensor on the wall.


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