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How to install a new toilet seat cover?
May 15, 2017

No one likes to be pinched by a cracked seat. If u want to have a clean personal toilet seat u have to know how to install it yourself.


First of all, u should choose a suitable seat for your toilet. Measure the old seat or the seat bowl to be sure the replacement will be a good fit.


Then u should pick out a toilet seat that suits your needs. There are many different toilet seats in the market, u can choose by its material, color, or if u have some special needs on the toilet seat, auto heating, auto washing or self-cleaning function. However, that u will need to hook up these luxury seats to an electric supply in order to use them.


After u choose the suitable toilet seat, u can remove the old seat and replace with a new one. Place the new toilet seat on top of the bowl and secure it with bolts.


Here I suggest u an Automatic Hygienic Toilet Seat One Time Use Paper Cover Clean Sensor Toilet NS200C which can protect people from germs on public toilets, and it is also widely used in hotel, restaurant, office building, airport…..


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