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How to choose energy-saving bathroom products?
Oct 11, 2018

Energy conservation and environmental protection will always be the theme of the sanitary ware industry. With the improvement of people's living standards, energy conservation and environmental protection has gradually become an important selling point of the entire industry.


Experts suggest that buying water-saving sanitary ware products is very important for choosing a brand. A brand that has been tested by the market, its quality and service will be included. By looking at the whole, touching the surface, and the weight of the sputum, it is basically possible to judge the quality of the sanitary product and the production process. Looking at the whole, the main thing is to look at the styling to be more fluid; touch the surface, the toilet is to touch the inside of the s-bend without applying glaze, if it is not glazed, it will not be qualified.


The current popular non-electric thermostatic bidet is a good example of water saving.It can be installed in the original toilet without replacing the original toilet cover. The sanitary cold water bidets does not need to be connected to the power supply. Just plug in the hot and cold water source of the bathroom and the rotary knob can easily adjust the water temperature and water pressure for comfortable washing. This energy-saving and environmentally-friendly bathroom product is not only cheap, but also everyone's life.

Non-electric Warm & Cold Self Clean Toilet Bidet NB200A

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