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How do automatic toilets work?
May 18, 2017

How do automatic toilets work?


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The NAVISANI sanitary antibacterial toilet seat cover is easy for operation. Just press the button or wave hand before the sensor, the sanitary film will turn exactly one round automatically to ensure one time use. The used film will be destroyed by a cutter to assure a fresh clean disposable cover for your every usage, which is more easy, convenient, and sanitary. 


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Our patented NAVISANI Commercial Electric Toilet Seat is a new conceptual sanitary ware, which will provide the public with a safe, clean and healthy restroom environment. The fitting disposable intelligent seat is ideal for any shared public or commercial toilet facilities: Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment & Recreation, Beauty Salon, Clubhouse, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctor's Offices, Schools, Casinos, Factories, Government Facilities and all other commercially shared toilets.


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Please visit below link for more details:Heated Toilet Seats

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