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R&D Center: 3rd Floor, No.228 Jiutianhu Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, China


Marketing Center: 13th Floor, No.9 Building, Xinglin Bay Business Operation Center,  Jimei District, Xiamen, China


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About Us

NAVISANI means "NAVIgator of SANItary", which is the globally universal trademark of Wing Technology Co., Ltd, exactly interprets Wing's cultural connotations and brand's core value. 

NAVISANI is formed with navi and sani, among which “navi” abbreviated from “navigator”, carrying with a meaning of Conducting and Directing the Target, “sani” is meanwhile derived from “sanitary” generalizing Wing’s prospective mission of “We Care People, We Lead The Trend”. 

“S” echoed with a streak of lightning, as if electrifying with a stunned reform of Wing’s global sanitation services & efforts. It’s an overturning innovation comparing with existent sanitary industry.

Office & Factory

Xiamen Wing Technology is located in Xiamen, China. As a global leader of public sanitation product manufacturer, we remain good faith in keeping sincere and responsible, while at the same time providing efficient and professional service, to become a bench-marking & innovative expert in sanitary ware industry

Production Equipment

We are qualified manufacture and supplier of Navisani toilet seat and Navisani bidet. We possess advanced equipment and adopt a strict inspecting and test measure.


Development History

2007, First intelligent toilet seat was announced and entered the global market.

2009, International Exhibition Centre service supplier (Turkey world trade center).

2010, International Exhibition Centre service supplier (Shanghai World Expo).

2011, Intelligent toilet seat technical enovation.(eg. featured a broadcasting function, opening cover auto film roll replacement.) 

2012, Intelligent toilet seat with Coin-operated function.

2013, Enter China State Council’s Information Office.

2014, Digital intelligent display system. 

2016, Awarded international interior design prize.

2017, Install and serve the BRICS 2017  Conference.

2017, Become the authorized member of ISSA.